Google’s New Logo Has Been Turned Into A Boot Animation

September 1, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Much of today has been filled with attention towards Google’s new logo which the search giant has redesigned to give it a fresh look with a bold new type face they created called Product Serif. You can already see the logo changes on Google search via the web and the mobile web, as well as in various icons across a number of their services. Even a few apps have already been tweaked to display the new “G” as well as the new logo type such as Google Maps and Google Translate. Now it seems that some crafty individuals have made it possible for users to apply the new Google Logo to their boot animation, should they really love the look of it and want a little customization when powering on their mobile device.

There looks to be three different methods in total which users can choose from if they want to apply the new boot animation, the first being that users will have to replace the manually. Using this method will require users to copy the new file to their device under the /system/media section of their storage. As far as getting the file into the right spot, the easiest method for root users would be to use something like Root Explorer or another file explorer with root access to place it in the correct folder. Users could also use adb push if they’re doing things from the PC. Once the file is in the right spot simply set the permissions for the new to 0644, then reboot the device and you’re done. There is also an optional step of backing up the current file prior to starting this method, although this step isn’t required especially if you don’t mind sticking with the new boot animation anyway. If you want to back things up, make sure to copy /system/media/ to another location before beginning.

The other two methods are to flash the through your custom recovery of choice (either TWRP or CWM) or users can simply install the apk if they’re using the CM theme engine which is obviously the simplest method of the three. If you’re going to be flashing the file, copy the file to your device first, then reboot into recovery mode and hit the install button and finally select the zip file, rebooting after completion. For the needed files, hit the link in the source to get the correct ones for the method you’ll be using, and you’ll have Google’s brand new logo as your boot animation.