Google Slides Gets Lockscreen Notifications in Latest Update


Google Slides is an integral part of Google Drive, and while there's nothing all that sexy about slideshows and presentations, there are many of us that have to rely on these at work. Whether or not you're presenting earnings figures or teaching a class of kids, Google Slides has allowed people to put together presentations for free for years now, and while Google doesn't show it too much attention it just got a nifty update on Android. We say nifty, because it's not exactly the sort of thing that's going to covert people to using it, but rather help those out that have already been using it for some time now.

In this latest version of Slides, Google has made it easier to control slideshows that are playing from your Android phone. The app now puts interactive notifications on your lockscreen to make it easy to go back and forth between different pages, making it simple to control what's going on without having to open your device all the time. Google have said that they wanted this new update to prevent "typing and retyping your mobile phone's password to unlock your screen and advance your presentation". It's worth noting that this will only make itself apparent when using the Slides app on Android to cast to a connected TV via a Chromecast or something similar.


This is just a small update, and it's not all that exciting, but it's an important one for those that rely on Google Slides in the classroom or at the office. These are the sort of changes and tweaks that Google should be making to their important apps like Slides. After all, Google Docs and co. have gained a name for themselves thanks to being easy to use and of course, free. They've been enough to push Google into the cloud game with Office 365, and Microsoft is now looking to offer up apps on every major platform – including Android – just as Google Docs did years ago. The update should be live in the Play Store for those looking to get their hands on this neat little new feature.

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