Google Now Offers Block Feature For Gmail On Android


Do you hate spam email? We’re talking about the type of emails that constantly flood your inbox day after day with no real way of getting rid of them permanently. Whether you’re getting emails that are lacking an unsubscribe button or just someone who doesn’t get the hint of leaving you alone, we now have some good news. That’s of course if you use Gmail on your Android OS smartphone. We’re finding out that Google has brought on a feature to their Gmail smartphone application that will not only allow users to get rid of an email but completely prevent the sender from getting into your inbox again, just as long as that sender doesn’t change email addresses.

As mentioned, spam email is the worst especially if it doesn’t end up in the dedicated spam folder. I’ve personally been down the road and still find myself waking up to several company emails I don’t ever remember asking to be on their list. Regardless, these emails become a pest as you find yourself having to clear out your inbox daily in order to highlight the emails you wish to see. Select email client applications already offer a way to avoid certain emails from ever showing up within your inbox, essentially blocking them. Now Google has that very option within their Gmail application.

The feature is known simply as “block” under the settings option and does exactly what I mentioned earlier. Users will select an email and mark it as block which will then remove future emails that are sent your way. If you’re curious on how to select an email and block the sender then all you must do is select the email or open it up. From there you must select the three dots which bring out the setting menu and within that menu is a block option.  Users will have to select this option which in return, will send all future emails from that sender directly to the spam folder.

However, if you happened to select an email and accidentally block it or wish to unblock an email then all you have to do is go within your spam folder, select the email, go within the three dot settings again and click the block option which will then unblock the email sender. We’re sure there are plenty of happy Gmail users right now thanks to this new feature.