Google Expands Health Information To Be More Varied & Detailed


Google is already largely considered to be the one-stop shop to everything information-based and rightfully so. In fact, for many people, at the first signs of not feeling well, it is likely Google is the first point of call. Hitting Google, typing in your symptoms and self-diagnosing is more than likely an extremely common practice. Although, it is debatable as to how wise it is to self-diagnose, that aside, it is something a number of people are likely to have done at some point in the past.

Well, on that basis, it now looks like Google are planning on making the medical information they provide you with in these instances, far more accurate and detailed. According to the Google blog posting on the matter, Google states that health conditions are one of the most important things asked through Search and as a result, the company are greatly expanding the information on offer through their latest update. This will include "hundreds more health conditions." In fact, Google state that by the end of the update there will be more than 900 searchable conditions, which is essentially more than double the current number available. All of these conditions will include quick glance details like symptoms, treatments and so on.


While the other features on offer will include an improved visual design and layout of the provided information, so users can find the information they are looking for quicker and more effectively. Not to mention, Google also note users will be able to download a PDF of the information on their suspected illness, which they can then bring with them to the doctor. In terms of when the update will go live, Google note the update will roll out gradually over the next few weeks and as such, you should start to see an increase in the number of searchable conditions sooner rather than later and with the list consistently expanding. If you are worried about the validity of any of the information provided, Google conclude the blog post by detailing they have worked with a team of doctors to ensure the information is correct and as accurate as it can be. Those interested in knowing more can read the full blog post by hitting the source link below.

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