Google Addresses Higher International Prices For Nexus 5X & 6P


Yesterday Google announced the two new additions to the Nexus range, the LG Nexus 5X and the Huawei Nexus 6P. Today, some of the Google team has been hosting an AMA on Reddit and detailing a number of the features of the two devices. Like for instance, the cameras on both and their NFC abilities. However, it has not been all pleasantries as a number of the shortcomings on both devices have been brought into question during the AMA. These have included the criticisms of the RAM and storage on the Nexus 5X, the lack of wireless charging and the use of USB 2.0 on both devices.

One issue which did come to light during yesterday's announcement was specifically to do with the pricing of the devices. While they are not at the price level that the previous Nexus 6 was to buy at launch, both devices outside of the U.S. are priced much higher than in the U.S. This had already raised a number of Reddit and social media postings over the last twenty four hours.


On that note, it seems inescapable to get through an AMA without the topic of international pricing coming up and that seems to have been the case as the Google team were asked about the skewed pricing structure outside of the U.S. In response to this question, the Google team did note that they have heard the calls about pricing. Although, they also did note that the pricing structure in place is a "complicated thing" and "Maybe too long to detail here." Some of the factors they list for why it is so different internationally include "tariffs, different distribution channels, cost structures, and exchange rates." As such, Google seem to be implying that it is outside of their hands when it comes to the prices and closed out their response with "we're bummed that we've disappointed you." None of these comments are likely to help anyone who does feel the pricing is too high in their particular region or country, but at least might help to explain some of the factors which is affecting their prices.

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