Gluru Connects with Gmail, Box & More for Beyond Notifications

Businessman in airport with smartphone

Google Now is such an amazing feature built into our Android devices most people don’t even know they are using it.  Give Now access to your e-mail and calendar and it will tell you everything you need to know about upcoming events or news you are interested in.  Tell Google Now what your favorite TV Show you’re interested in and it will notify you every time a new episode is on.  Now imagine Google Now that is only for work.  An artificial intelligence application that not only searches your schedule or e-mail but goes way beyond that in ways we haven’t imagined yet.  

This is where Gluru comes in and wants to take over your work notifications.  Gluru not only links to your Google e-mail but also to Drive, DropBox, Box, OneDrive, and Evernote to give you more options than just notifications.  Take a phone call from a team member and Gluru pulls up all the files it thinks you might need while talking with your co-worker.  Have a meeting coming up about a project you have been working on?  Gluru is there to help and pull all the files it thinks you will need to help you blow the boss’s mind.  

Gluru will send you an email daily with your schedule and a link to all the necessary files you will need for that day.  There is an Android app that will notify you daily with your schedule, who you have meetings with and a count of how many documents are associated with that person or event.  The documents are even broken down by type, so you have quick access to your spreadsheets over your documents.  

Gluru has a whole list of future plans to better integrate with the business world.  Plans include the ability to link your iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, along with others to better integrate into the business world.  Now the best part of this application is it is free for individual users.  Teams are priced on request.  Now Gluru, like Google Now, only gets better and smarter with time.  It will take sometime in the beginning to scan all of your documents and pull out key words to be able to search quicker but once that is done you are all set.  Use it daily and find out just how useful this app becomes.  Like Google Now after some time you might not even realize you are using some of their features.  

Gluru is available now on desktop and Android with an iOS application coming soon.  There is no date set as of yet but they are working on getting one set in stone.  So head over to their website or Google Play on your device and try out Gluru.