Foldable Smartphones and New Designs to Spark Mobile Innovation


OLED displays, Organic LED displays, have been around for a long time now and Samsung have used the technology to great effect in their Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line of devices. With deep blacks and vivid colors Samsung have made a name for themselves as having some of the best displays on the market. A couple of years ago, a new technology hit the market; flexible OLED. Essentially, this new breakthrough allowed the likes of Samsung and LG to create displays that could literally be flexed and moved into any sort of shape that you can think of. This sort of thing has finally made its way into the mainstream with the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+, but new shapes and designs seem to be what industry leaders are hoping will spark a new interest in smartphones beyond just incremental updates.

Business Korea has been putting pieces together from all over the web, and Samsung's rumored 'Project Valley' design is where Samsung hopes to use flexible OLED in the best way yet. According to rumor, Project Valley, also known as Project V, is to offer customers a smartphone with an essentially foldable display. Of course, how much of this is rumor and how much is actually what Samsung is working on remains to be seen, but there's word they're going to unveil such a product during January of next year. This could mean a CES tease or reveal, but we have to be cautious here, as a foldable smartphone could mean many a thing, and some sort of accessory with a flexible display seems much more likely here.


When it comes to the mobile industry, we would be foolish to ignore Apple, and while their recent devices have been fairly uninspiring, it's rumored that both LG and Samsung are in talks with Apple to supply flexible displays. Whether or not these will be used in future versions of the Apple Watch or something else, is unclear but if Apple were to hit the market with flexible displays, it could spark a whole new competition between Apple and Samsung and new devices for the likes of us to play with.

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