Flight Price Prediction App Hopper Launches On Android

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Hopper for Android is the perfect companion app for everyone that either travels by airplane on a regular basis, or is planning his or her next trip. With Hopper, users on the look for cheap flight tickets are to find them without any major hassle, as the main goal of the application is to give the user reliable predictions of how flight prices might change in the future, giving accurate and helpful tips as to when exactly a flight must be booked to ensure the lowest price possible. By monitoring over one billion flight prices in a daily basis, Hopper is an extremely helpful tool for everyone that wants to cut expenses on their next flight.

The main feature that Hooper boasts, is the ability of notifying the user the right date and time to book a flight, making it possible to save up to 40 percent on the total price of your planned flight. Hopper will also notify the user about the cheapest season to go on that special vacation they’ve been dreaming of but never found an accessible flight ticket for; this is achieved by giving insightful information about flight rates over six months into the future, marking what the most expensive seasons are for any specific place. In the case that a flight you’ve been looking at is suddenly acquainted with a new deal, you will be instantly notified, so that you don’t miss any chance to save.

Hopper has been praised as a really useful application by the media in general and has been featured in the New York Times, TIME Magazine, as well as on the Today Show and Good Morning America, meaning that the app is easy enough for everyone to use; with easy usage being one of Hoppers stronger points over other flight prediction apps. But that simplicity is also what gives Hopper a few limitations, as users won’t be able to change any parameters beside date and location for their possible flights. So, if the small limitations aren’t a problem for you, Hopper will serve as a great tool to help you plan your next flight. The application is available starting today on the Google Play Store, so make sure to give it a try.