'Flats' Is A Colorful, Unique Spin On The FPS Genre

Most FPS games these days are filled with 3D graphics, shaders, realistic lighting and all kinds of action. Flats is not one of those FPS games, save for the action part as there's still a decent amount of that. Flats takes the FFPS genre and gives it a completely unique look, using various flat colors and shapes to create an interesting looking world, characters and weapons. It features both single player and multiplayer types of gameplay so you can either compete against other players or enjoy the game content by yourself.

Aside from being both single player and multiplayer, the game is free and cross-platform, meaning you can play with others who aren't on Android, and that's always a plus as it adds to the pool of people playing the game which ultimately makes the multiplayer experience that much better. Multiplayer has a handful of game types to play including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Territories, and a Bomb type where your objective is to blow up the other team's base. Single player mode is basically just waves of enemies with increasing difficulty after every phase, and your goal is to stay alive. Think Zombies in the Call of Duty series.

One of the biggest complaints from many mobile gamers with FPS titles usually comes down to the controls, which is why Flats likely supports many of the top Bluetooth gamepads for mobile devices. This gives players the option to use the touchscreen controls or to connect up a gamepad for a more traditional feel. Without a story to follow and no characters to build a relationship with, Flats is all about the fun of shooting things up but without being too serious or graphic. The colors not only make for a unique visual appearance, but they also serve to give the game a more light-hearted feel to it. It's hard not to see Flats as an upbeat FPS title with splashes of color and cartoon-like artistic landscapes. As stated above Flats is free, it does however offer in-app purchases. These of course are completely optional so you have no requirement to buy anything. If you enjoy FPS action titles this one should be different enough to make things feel exciting and new.

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