Featured: Top 10 Best Cases for LG G4

LG G4 AH 6

The LG G4 has been out for a good little while now. So it’s time to revisit some of the cases that are available for the device. The LG G4 has one of the best cameras we’ve ever seen on a smartphone, with its f/1.8 aperture. It also has a a sweet leather back. But what about protecting your LG G4. As beautiful as it looks, if you drop it, it won’t be beautiful anymore. Let’s check out 10 great cases for the LG G4.

Caseology [Wavelength Series] Textured Pattern Grip Cover


Caseology has some pretty sweet looking cases and this is one of them. However it is also pretty functional. It has a pattern grip on the back that allows you to hold onto the LG G4 better. Because the last thing you want is to drop it. It also has a lip over the edge, which will protect the display of the LG G4 when or if you do drop it.

Caseology® [Wavelength Series] [Navy Blue] Textured Pattern Grip Cover [Shock Proof] LG G4 case

Spigen [AIR CUSHION] LG G4 Case Protective Air Cushioned Corners


This one from Spigen is quite nice looking. It is a bit thicker than some of the other cases out there, but it does have a kickstand which can come in handy when you want to watch a video on that beautiful 5.5-inch 2560×1440 resolution display.

LG G4 Case, Spigen® [AIR CUSHION] LG G4 Case Protective **NEW** [Slim Armor] [Gunmetal] Air Cushioned Corners / Dual Layer Protective Case

ULAK 3in1 Hybrid Shockproof Rubber of Drop Protection Case


This is a pretty interesting looking case from ULAK. But it is shockproof thanks to the rubber sides. So this way if you drop your phone, the G4 won’t suffer any damage at all. As the case will absorb all of the shock. Although you may need a new case, that’s still better than buying a new phone.

LG G4 Case, G4 Case, ULAK 3in1 Hybrid Shockproof Rubber of Drop Protection Case Cover

IVSO®LG G4 Case – Super Magic High Quality Case51jC+KFrn3L

This is IVSO’s version of the Quick Circle case, in fact it’ll even work with the Quick Circle features, which is a nice touch. So you can tap the window and get a clock, as well as flip through a few other apps. Pretty neat, actually. It’s available in black, blue, gold, pink and white.

IVSO®LG G4 Case – Super Magic High Quality Case

Verus [Verge][Dark Silver]


The Verus Verge isn’t everyone’s favorite looking case, although I like the looks of it. It’s a two-toned back. Where the majority of the back is a brushed metal look, with the section at the top for the camera and at the bottom are  soft and rubber. It feels really great in the hand.

LG G4 Case, Verus [Verge][Dark Silver]

Diztronic Full Matte Flexible TPU Case for LG G4


This isn’t really a fancy case from Diztronic. But it is a soft touch, and a slim fit flexible TPU case for the LG G4. It is available in a ton of different colors as well as patterns. Now it’s not as protective as some of these other bulky cases, but it does add some protection.

LG G4 Case, Diztronic Full Matte [Soft Touch] [Slim Fit] Flexible TPU Case for LG G4

Spigen [Resilient] LG G4 Case Impact Protection


Spigen has another case here, this one is supposed to be a bit more rugged, even though it still looks pretty nice. It will protect your LG G4 against impact when or if you drop it, which is always important.

Spigen® [Resilient] LG G4 Case Impact Protection

Verus [Layered Dandy][Coffee Brown]


If you like folio cases, this Verus Layered Dandy is a great one to pick up. It is a folio case, but also a wallet case. So you can stick your credit card, or driver’s license and even some cash inside the case. It’s pretty convenient. Or you could just use Android Pay.

Verus [Layered Dandy][Coffee Brown]

SUPCASE Water Resistant Full-body Rugged Case


SUPCASE here has a water-resistant case for your LG G4. It’s a full-body rugged case which has two layers. A soft layer that goes agains the G4, and then a hard layer that goes on the outside. This is to absorb impact if it gets dropped.

SUPCASE Water Resistant Full-body Rugged Case

Yootech® LG G4 Quick Circle Case Wireless


This case is pretty special because not only is it a certified Quick Circle case, but it also adds Qi Wireless charging to your G4. So you just need to pop off the back cover and then pop on this case and you’ll have Qi Wireless charging. Pretty neat, right?

Yootech® LG G4 Quick Circle Case Wireless Charger Qi Standard Wireless Charging receiver Cover case