Featured Review: Incipio Octane Pure Case for Galaxy S6 Edge+

When you've just thrown down over $700 for a brand new smartphone, one of the first things you'll want to do is pick up a protective case for it. Some are a bit more protective than others. Actually some are just tanks. And then there are some that look great while still providing protection and not making your phone feel extra large and bulky. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a bit tricky, thanks to it's curved display, but that's all the more reason to want to protect it from getting damaged. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ looks amazing with its curved display, especially when you're consuming media. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that would be disappointed if I shattered my display. This is where Incipio swoops in. Incipio has a few cases for the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and we're taking a look today, at their Octane Pure case for the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

One of the perks of the Octane Pure is that it is a clear case. Meaning that you can protect your Galaxy S6 Edge+, but also still show off the beauty of this phone. Which I have to say, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is definitely a beautiful smartphone. However, with that said, one of the disadvantages to having a clear case is that it's prone to fingerprints. And considering the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is already prone to fingerprints and shows them quite well, it doesn't look too good. Before installing this case, I had to wipe down the back of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ nice and good. As well as be careful not to touch the inside of the case and add more fingerprints. And then there's the back of the case, which is always going to be full of fingerprints.

How does the Octane Pure look? I'd say it looks really nice on the Galaxy S6 Edge+. It has a black frame, which really makes the Galaxy S6 Edge+ stand out, even around the camera and flash module. With the black frame around the edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge+, I'd say it looks even better than it did without a case, actually. The feeling in the hand is quite nice as well. This is a somewhat hard case on the Galaxy S6 Edge+, but still pretty easy to take off and put back on the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Since it is a hard case, it'll take more of an impact when or if you drop it. There is also a small lip over the top and bottom of the display as well as on the sides. Now this doesn't hinder the usage of the edge of the display. However, I'm not sure how much protection it'll provide if you drop the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and that's primarily because of the curved display. Without a doubt it'll add more protection than not having a case on your phone though.

You still have access to all of the ports here on the Galaxy S6 Edge+. We have a nice large cut out on the back for the camera along with the flash and heart rate monitor. On the bottom we have cut outs for the 3.5mm headphone jack, one for the micro USB port and another for the speaker. Up top, there is a small cut out for the microphone. There's also one on the bottom, but it's part of the 3.5mm headphone jack cut out. We do not have cut outs here for the volume rocker and power button. But you can distinctly feel them on the side. They aren't texturized, but you can definitely feel them when you touch them. Since they aren't cut out, they are a bit difficult to press. However, this only takes a few days to really break it in and then they are pretty easy to press. Or maybe your fingers just get used to the extra pressure. Since there is a lip over the edges, this could hinder the way the home button works, especially when it comes to the fingerprint sensor. I have not had any issues with the fingerprint sensor with the Octane Pure case installed. The fingerprint sensor has worked the same with and without the case on the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a lip over the curved edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge+, but it doesn't really hinder the usage of the edge. You can still swipe in easily from either edge to use features that are iconic to the Galaxy S6 Edge+, like People Edge and App Edge. Additionally you can still see the clock and news ticker on the edge, without the case blocking it at all. So if you've been holding off on getting a case for the Galaxy S6 Edge+ because you thought it might hinder the capabilities of the curved display, don't be. It still works perfectly fine. And that's a great thing.

The Octane Pure is available now from Incipio's website for $29.99. It's available in black, pink, and blue, as well as completely clear. Now the color refers to the edges of the case. As you can see we obviously have the clear/black model. Which I think looks much better than just the clear model. Overall, I really liked the Octane Pure. It's a great case to showcase the look of the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Because let's face it, we want to show off how great the Galaxy S6 Edge+ looks. Not only that but it does provide protection considering it does absorb impact when or if you drop your new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. Compared to the size of the DualPro Shine case, we recently reviewed for the Galaxy Note 5, I'd definitely prefer the Octane Pure. While the DualPro Shine will provide more protection, it is also going to be more bulky and not everyone wants a bigger, and thicker phone. Especially with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ already being around 5.7-inches. You can see how great the case looks in the gallery down below.

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