Eric Schmidt Bashes Apple Music For Lack Of Innovation

Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt


Google has never been one to attack other companies’ products directly, as the internet giant normally just cares about its own expansion and the world’s overall innovation. Google is not a company that goes out of its way to criticize others, unless it has a good reason to do so. Just recently, Eric Schmidt published an article in conjunction with the BBC talking about the future of artificial intelligence and what he believes will be the future of computing. After discussing how Google/Alphabet is approaching the rapidly evolving area of technology that is artificial intelligence, Schmidt noted how with projects such as Google Now and even Google Play Music, the company aims to use computers to automatically infer what humans need, like, and want at the right time. Google’s chairman also stated how other companies haven’t even tried to adopt artificial intelligence to implement in their own products; one example that Schmidt mentioned specifically was Apple, which has not seen the advantage that such technology could have in products such as Apple Music.

Eric Schmidt, criticized Apple’s own streaming music service for not taking any necessary steps to catch up with the competition, giving their numerous users a less than optimal experience. According to Schmidt, computers are much betters than humans in music, an area with which Google has been experimenting with for quite some time now. “As a bonus, it’s a much less elitist taste-making process – much more democratic – allowing everyone to discover the next big star through our own collective tastes and not through the individual preferences of a select few”. This was aimed at Apple Music, which has reportedly left new musicians living under the shadow of big names.

Apple Music has been doing well as a service for the company, bringing yet another reliable source of income; but from an innovative point of view, Apple’s own streaming music service doesn’t offer anything new or different from what’s already available in the market. Although this is great for Google Play Music, the internet giant doesn’t just see what’s better for itself, and is concerned that Apple Music users are not getting the best experience possible.