EPIX To Allow Movie Downloads On Android

EPIX Android TV AH

EPIX is a premium hybrid cable and satellite television network with a strong focus on providing its numerous users with a subscription video on demand service to seamlessly watch any movie or series without having to rely on any other service or device. Ever since EPIX was launched back in October 2009, the hybrid network has exponentially grown and expanded until becoming the great service it is today. EPIX shows no intentions of slowing down its overall growth, as the company just announced today a brand new feature to every subscriber of the premium hybrid EPIX cable network. In just a few weeks, EPIX will begin to give users the ability to easily download and watch any movie or TV show available on Android.

The new hefty feature will be obtainable directly through a update to the already available EPIX app, and will include recently released movies such as The Hunger Games, James Bond, and Star Trek, along with all the classic movies that EPIX offers from studios like Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM; EPIX will also let users download several great documentaries and popular comedy specials, so everyone will have something to watch. “The new download feature will offer EPIX’s biggest titles on demand, including hit movie franchises The Hunger Games, James Bond, and Star Trek, original documentaries and music and comedy events featuring marquee talent including Katy Perry, Craig Ferguson, Louis CK, Mark Maron and more”, EPIX stated in their official announcement.

Unfortunately for everyone that is not a current subscriber of EPIX, all of the TV shows and movies that are offered on EPIX, will be removed in the near future from Netflix and other subscription-based movie and TV show streaming services; excluding Hulu, which will get them in October. According to Mike Angus, EPIX has always focused on providing its customers with a premium experience, superior to the one offered in other similar services such as Netflix, which has been stripped from numerous iconic movies and TV shows. “From its creation, EPIX has focused on providing their premium movies and original programming to customers in as many ways as possible”.