EA’s FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Is Soccer At Its Finest

September 24, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

EA is known for their sports games, dating all the way back to the SEGA Genesis, and one of the most well-known franchises is FIFA. As it stands EA is all the way up to FIFA 16, and earlier this week they launched FIFA 16 Ultimate Team onto Google Play for all the soccer/football fans out there. This is a free mobile title just like the latest Madden mobile game so there’s no cost up front, although there are some optional IAP’s one can utilize. With all new top-notch graphics and plenty of game additions and updates since the last version of the game, this is one you might want to check out if you have a thing for sports games and soccer games in general.

If you’ve played previous FIFA games on mobile, there should be a decent number of improvements and new features to the gameplay to delight in. One notable new change is the addition of player celebrations. EA states this is a first for mobile devices so it seems they’re trying to close the gap on differences between their mobile titles and the console counterparts. The game is also running on a brand new game engine which fuels the 3D visuals, and it’s optimized for tablets as well so gaming on the bigger display should make things the most enjoyable.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team features over 500 licensed teams and over 10,000 players, all which can be managed, traded, and transferred at your discretion. If you don’t like a player on a certain team, trade them to a team you prefer to play. The trade system is a new feature which players will likely find rather interesting, as you can make trades for players or various in-game items in hopes of getting something more useful or that you like better than what you already have. There are also enhanced and improved controls, and there’s a built-in reward system where you can earn rewards for completing the in-game achievements. With gesture controls or touch screen d-pads and buttons to perform your moves, as well as lots of customization and management options and plenty of sport action, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is shaping up to be worth giving a look. You can grab the game for free on the Play Store as of now, but it is rather large at 1.4GB so make sure you have plenty of space for the install.