Download The Updated Google App With New Icons

September 1, 2015 - Written By John Anon

If you missed it, today has been a day full of Google news. Well, to be more exact, there has only been one news piece from Google, but it was a significant one. Google has changed their company logo. In doing so, Google wasted no time and the initial news was then followed by various follow on reports on how the various Google services and online features were already being updated to reflect the new corporate branding, identity and imagery. If you were expected the various Google apps to follow suit then you would have expected right and it already seems there is an update ready to download for the Google app.

One of the reasons Google initially have this morning for this change is to better represent the company’s current usage of multiple devices and regardless of screen size to better harmonize the way in which the Google branding appears. It would seem that this is certainly an aspect which has already been incorporated into the latest update as the new Google logo and imagery has taken effect in multiple places. Google also hinted that various additional aspects like the microphone would also see a change thanks to the new branding and this is again something which seems to be in effect in the latest update. Not to mention, the Google Now button also seems to be embracing the new animations too. You can see a selection of how the updated app looks in the images below.

The update will bring your version up to is already showing up on the Play Store. As such, the update is likely to begin rolling out to devices sooner rather than later (if it has not already). As always with these sorts of updates it can take time to reach some devices due to the staggered approached used while updating. However, if you simply cannot wait for the update and would prefer for your Google app to already be sporting the newly refined Google imagery then you can download the update yourself and sideload it to your device. Hit the link below to grab the updated Google+ app.

Download Google App v5.2.33.19