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While every week there are a number of Google’s apps seeing updates or becoming available, today has been a little different. This is thanks to Google finally and officially announcing the launch of Android Pay. The launching of Android Pay is not exactly surprising news as the actual payment format and been announced some time ago. Not to mention, the launching of Android Pay had been long expected with numerous reports emerging throughout the last month, making it clear that the service was about to go live. That said, Android Pay going live is still big news and it was a welcomed relief when the company finally did officially introduce and announce it this morning.

Well, following on from that, as well as Android Pay being announced, Google also confirmed that the update would begin rolling out to users starting today and that does seem to be the case now with the update beginning to roll out. That said, if you would like to get your hands on the app as soon as possible, then you can by downloading the APK and sideloading the update to your device yourself. It is worth noting that you might need to also update Google Play Services as well to make the Android Pay app functional. If this is the case, you will be promoted to update Play Services after installing and opening Android Pay.

For clarity, this app will replace your current Google Wallet app with the newly launched Apple Pay variant. So be warned. The Play Store listing (source link below) for Google Wallet does make this point clear and does provide some instructions if you have any remaining balance in your Wallet account. Otherwise, the app is quite light weighing only 7.5 MB. For those who would rather hold on for the update to arrive, then keep an eye on your Play Store app update page and you should see the update coming through in due course. As always with these things, the rolling out can take some time to reach all devices so there maybe a slight wait. Either way, the APK download link is below.

Android Pay APK Download

If you have issues with the first APK then you can also try this one. Remember though, your Play Services needs to be the most recent version.

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