Developer Preview Of Now On Tap No Longer Working


There are a number of highly awaited Google features which look to be on their way to Android users soon enough. Of course if you own a Nexus device and are running one of the Developer Previews of the latest version of Android, Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), then you are likely to have already had some tastes of what is to come. For instance, roughly a month ago, the Android team finally released the third Developer Preview of Marshmallow, which is considered to be the final preview before the actual release of the Android version goes live. As such, when it was noted last week that elements like Google Now On Tap were live, although it was exciting, it was probably not exactly breaking news. As the Preview reaches its near to finishing stage, it would be expected that elements like Now on Tap would also be readying their final stage and almost good to go. If not already.

Well, it now seems that the employing of Now On Tap may have been a little premature on Google's behalf as reports are now coming in that the feature has been deactivated again with just the previous "Coming Soon" message reappearing. As such, it does seem that the inclusion of Now On Tap was likely to have been a mistake on the part of the Android team. Either that or they were doing some form of trial testing which they have now subsequently pulled back to further tweak prior to the main release. Either way, the use of Now On Tap on the third Developer Preview seems to be over for now.


Of course, with Google largely expected to unveil the next two Nexus devices before the end of this month and speculation that pre-orders will begin to open a couple of weeks afterwards, it seems likely that the release of the final and ready version of Marshmallow will be coming soon enough. It is normally, the Nexus launch time when it is unveiled as it will likely come running on the two new Nexus devices. So in reality it should not be too long before the final release of Marshmallow is made public and likewise, the ready version of Google's Now On Tap.

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