Debate Surfaces Over Whether The OnePlus 2 Camera Has OIS

In spite of the OnePlus 2 being in the very earliest stages of its lifespan, it has already endured quite a turbulent existence. The device was one of the most rumored upon devices of the year and as such, the expectation of the OnePlus 2 was massive. However, since the launch of the device, it has seen a number of headlines which have been a cause for concern. Almost immediately after the device was made available (albeit through the invite system), OnePlus announced that they were slowing down the rolling out of invites. One of the reasons offered for this is that there seems to be an issue with the quality control of the Type-C USB cables that come provided in the box along with the OnePlus 2. Then more recently, reports were detailing the stability of the home button and the possibility that there was a grounding issue when the device was held in both hands.

Now, the last few days have seen a debate rising as to whether the OnePlus 2 comes equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) or not. This is a feature which is known to be included on the OnePlus 2 and is designed to ensure that regardless of how unstable the device is at the time of capturing, OIS can offset the instability and counteract shaking. However, reports are coming in that for whatever the reason, the OIS does not seem to be initialized on OnePlus 2 devices.

The debate started when a member of the OnePlus forums noted that the use of OIS is detailed in the system. Although, the actual functionality seems to be currently missing. You can see the current state of contradicting software information in the images below, which were taken by the OnePlus forum member who noted the issue. This is possibly something that can be remedied through an update. While, the alternative is that it has not been included as expected. Either way, at the moment, the whole thing seems a little on the confusing side with little information either way as to whether the OIS is included, it does work or will be activated in due course. The OnePlus 2 is a device which has already attracted debate over its omitting of NFC and it seems if the OIS is also something which is not working, included or not as good, this is likely to be another aspect which draws bigger debate going forward.

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