Deal: iXCC Dual USB High Capacity Smart Wall Charger $6.99

September 21, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Keeping your devices charged and ready to use is an issue which is becoming increasingly more difficult. Not only do we have devices which are becoming more battery demanding, but we also have more devices than ever. Therefore, the need for more versatile battery solutions is becoming much more relevant. One way you can look to solve the problem of multiple battery hungry devices is to pick up a wall charger that can accommodate more than one device at a time.

The iXCC dual USB wall charger is a prime example of one of these. As the name suggests, this one does offer the ability to change more than one device at a time. Not to mention, this is also a high-current charger offering up to 3.4A of power. This is a smart wall charger, which means that it identifies your device’s needs and looks to provide the highest level of charge for your particular device and therefore, as quick a charge as possible. Not forgetting, that it comes with all the safety features you would want from a charger, including over-heating, over-current and over-charging protection. This charger normally retails for $19.99. However, a current deal on Amazon means you can pick it up for only $6.99. For that kind of cost, this is a good solution for those looking to high capacity charge more than one device.

iXCC Dual USB High Capacity Smart AC Travel Wall Charger $6.99