CNN Will Live Stream The Presidential Debate For Samsung's Gear VR

AH Samsung Gear VR 2

Virtual Reality headsets started as dedicated objects for gaming systems, as the experience of playing a video game doesn’t get more immersive than that. A little later, manufacturers of mobile products took an interest in these devices and now there are some apps that are created specifically to take advantage of this new way to interact. Sony, HTC and Samsung are some of the companies that are investing in this kind of technology, but the latter brand seems to be giving it an extra push to make it more popular among its devices. Technology is evolving rapidly to allow developers to create artificial worlds on our own environment and everything is getting more accurate to let users interact with the virtual elements in a better way.

On the other hand, the idea of visiting real places without having to leave our houses (or the couch) is fascinating. Imagine visiting some landmarks or monuments that are miles away and turning your head to appreciate the details that interest you, there’s really not a more natural way to do it without actually being there. There will probably be some movies or TV content that works with this kind of technology, but might be a while before someone finds a way to make it work.

For now, CNN is teaming up with NextVR to broadcast the first-ever live stream of a political event in virtual reality. The event is the Democratic Presidential Debate for the 2016 Elections that will take place on October 13th. The broadcast will use a bunch of technologies to make its viewers feel as if they were taking a seat in the room as an audience member, such as immersive 3D cameras. To watch this innovative experience, users will need a Samsung Gear VR headset and visit the NextVR portal in the Oculus Store. This is actually not the first experience that CNN records in virtual reality, the Ronald Reagan Debate was available on demand, but live streaming for this event is a new challenge. Even if you’re not a fan of politics and you have the required hardware, it might be worth a shot.