Check Out The New Moto 360 2015 Promo Video

September 2, 2015 - Written By John Anon

With IFA now well underway, a number of the big announcements have already come through. This morning, Sony unveiled their latest Xperia Z5 trio, the Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium. Then this was duly followed by Lenovo taking to the stage and unveiling the highly anticipated and speculated upon next-gen Moto 360. As well as announcing the Moto 360, Lenovo announced that there are two versions, one for him and one for her, that is, as well as the Sporty version which had been rumored prior to the unveiling. Not to mention, Lenovo also confirmed that pre-orders for the Moto 360 have now opened via the Motorola site and as such, those interested could get to grips with the various customizations that are on offer for the Moto 360 through Moto Maker. This was also quickly followed by pre-orders also becoming available on the Google Store too. Which might be a better option for those looking to avoid the hassle (or temptation) of choosing and customizing the smartwatch.

Well, once the Sony event was over, the company was quick to start their promotional campaign and released four promo videos detailing the Xperia Z5 family and their various features. Now, just like Sony, it is Lenovo’s turn to do the same and right on cue, the first of the promotional videos for the new Moto 360 has already surfaced on YouTube and is ready to watch.

As to be expected and now that the watch has been announced, the video shows lots of shots of the device. However it also offers quite a few glimpses of the apps and watch faces that will be on offer with the Moto 360 2015. In fact, the video overall adopts quite the clockwork theme adding to the nature of the Moto 360. As such, the video is full of references to clocks, watches and ticking in general and makes for an interesting viewing. Not to mention, the video also places some emphasis on the level of customization which is available with the smartwatch. Those interested in checking out the video for themselves can do so by hitting play below. Chances are there will be a few more videos coming down the wire soon enough too.