Carl Pei Of OnePlus Reaches Out To Samsung For Guidance


No matter which side of the OnePlus fence you sit on, the one thing about the company is their consistency to the way they do things. They are not afraid to do things differently and love them or hate them, they do make an impact with their approach. That said, the impact is not always a positive one. The OnePlus 2 launch was one of the big talking points of the year and as such, with the actual launch of the device and the follow up invite and purchase system that has been in place, a number of OnePlus users have been left feeling let down by the whole process and therefore, by the company.

This is something which has not been lost on OnePlus and the company has come out a couple of times over the past few weeks and made it clear that they do accept things could have been done better and they had messed up. Well, to follow on from that point, it now looks as though Carl Pei, OnePlus CEO, is looking to some unexpected people for help in better preparing for such events. The company in particular that Pei is reaching out to is Samsung. In a blog post sent out by Pei, the CEO talks about how there is no one better at preparing for a device launch than Samsung. Pei notes that when thinking about who they "could learn from', Samsung is the first company that comes to mind. Further noting that Samsung's ability to ship so many devices and through so many sales channel is something that they cannot "help but admire".


As such, in the blog post, Pei is directly reaching out to Samsung with a very clear proposal. Pei is reaching out to Samsung to see if he can effectively spend some time as their intern and in his words "learn from your team about how you've been able to scale, run, and manage your business so successfully." That said, Pei is not looking at the possibility of working with Samsung as something that will only benefit them as he also is offering Samsung the option to send one of their execs to OnePlus. In a sort of exec intern swap. Again, according to Pei, "I would be happy to share what we've learned about how to engage with our community and implement their feedback to deliver a better user experience." It is not clear yet as to whether Samsung has responded to Pei or indeed will, but it would be interesting to see one of the industry leaders intern swap with one of the industry newcomers.

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