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Today was a huge day for Google, they announced new hardware, some aspects of the final release of the most recent version of the Android operating system in addition to some updated apps and even some new services. You can read about all it in our extensive coverage, but in case you missed the event and want to watch it, you can do it at the embedded video below, as Google has made it available through their official YouTube channel. It's always fun to watch the keynotes when new products are being unveiled, as people who were close to their development get to demo on stage some of their best features and some of the new technology they include. While some devices were leaked and we knew exactly what to expect from them, there were also a few nice surprises. Next is a brief summary to guide you around the video.

The stage of the event looks quite simple with two very large screens, but it's nicely decorated with some strings in the background featuring Google's iconic colors. First, Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, took the stage to introduce us to the world of Android and some of its services. Shortly after, they started talking about the two new Nexus devices, the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P. They highlighted the camera and the technology that allows it to capture more light than those from the competition. There was mention of the new Android Sensor Hub and the fingerprint scanner, included in both of these phones.

Then, they talked about some of the new features integrated on Android Marshmallow followed by the new Voice Interactions that made possible Google Now On Tap. There was also a brief mention of Nexus Protect, which is available for an additional price on new phones in case they get damaged and they are also compatible with Project Fi. From Google Play, they announced a new family plan for Play Music and an update for Google Photos. A new Chromecast was also announced with a new design and new features in addition to Chromecast Audio, which is dedicated to music. Finally, they gave a sneak peek of a new convertible tablet called Pixel C.


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