Blackberry Venice Caught On Camera Being Used In Public

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News of a Blackberry running Android has been the talk of tech circles for quite some time now, and there have even been a handful of leaked images that have shown up over the course of the summer and prior. The Android-powered slider known as the Blackberry Venice, adorned with a familiar Blackberry keyboard underneath the screen is all but official, with no confirmation yet from Blackberry that such a device exists, nevertheless leaks have continued to pop up showing what appears very much to be a Blackberry powered by the Android operating system. The latest leaked image has surfaced today showing off the device being used out in the wild, reportedly caught by an individual at the Toronto film festival.

The blurry image doesn’t reveal much other than the slight similarities that the device bears to the previous image leaks that have shown up before, and you can kind of see what looks like the Blackberry logo streaking across the top of the device just under the earpiece and above the display panel. The phone appears to be cradled in a case, and although you can’t tell what app is being used on the phone it looks like something with a Material Design UI. It’s being suggested that it could be the stock Android messenger app which Google launched onto the Play Store but the image isn’t quite clear enough to make that out. Towards the top of the screen though the colored blue navigation bar is thick and evokes a similar style to other material design apps.

The picture was assumingly taken by Blackberry focused media site BerryFlow, but unfortunately, is too far away to get any better detail. So it’s quite likely the picture was taken with a smartphone camera. Little is known about the possible specifications of the Blackberry Venice, but there have been rumors of an 18MP camera, with optical image stabilization and a dual-LED flash. While there is no confirmation this is actually the Blackberry Venice, it does look a lot like what we’ve seen before in other leaks, and if it’s already being used out in public even as just a prototype, then perhaps it’s possible Blackberry could be looking to actually launch the device in the future.