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Kabam's new game, Star Wars Uprising has been in a soft launch for the better part of a month or two, and just this week it finally arrived on Android globally. If you're a Star Wars fan than this is a game that is a must have even if it's just to test it out. The galaxy is at a pivotal point in history and it needs heroes to fight back against the empire, that's where you come in. Star Wars Uprising is more than just a game though, as the story serves as a means for bridging the gap between the stories of the Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi and upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens films.

This is an RPG style of game and you'll assume the role of a character who ends up becoming a rebel fighter. You can start off by creating and customizing your character by race and appearance and then dive right into the gameplay. It feels a bit like an action RPG similar to that of Dungeon Hunter, but on a slightly larger scale. Instead of dungeons you'll be talking with various quest givers to take on missions, and completing them rewards you with experience, cash, and loot. You can also find cash, loot, and other various items throughout the missions via drops as well.

As you level up your character will get stronger and acquire new skills and stats, and any gear you obtain can be upgraded and turned into a stronger form of gear. Controls are fairly simple and are a mix of tapping to move the character and gestures to unleash attacks and abilities like double tapping yourself to cast a force push and throw your enemies backwards. While there is much single player content available, there is also a bunch of multiplayer content to enjoy as well. Star Wars Uprising features real-time co-op battles against the empire, as well as events called "sector battles" which actually lets players help to direct the future of new game content. Players will also experience various challenges on memorable Star Wars worlds from within the films and series so this should be a real treat for any Star Wars fan.

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