AW-Powered ELE Watch Real Life Images & Specs Surface

Elephone ELE Watch leak 13

Elephone is definitely one of the more interesting smartphone manufacturers in China. This company has been manufacturing low and mid-range smartphones made out of metal for a long time, until they decided to start developing higher-end devices as well, which happened earlier this year. The company’s Elephone P7000 and P8000 devices are affordable, and yet very capable smartphones. That’s not all though, the company will start selling their Elephone Vowney device soon, and the three P9000 devices will arrive soon as well, one of which will sport no bezel on the sides.

That being said, let’s move away from smartphones for a second. Earlier this month, our source at Elephone sent us an image of the company’s upcoming ELE Watch. This smartwatch sports a circular display, and the company has also confirmed that it will be powered by Android Wear operating system, which was very surprising at first. Anyhow, the company didn’t exactly provide any spec info at the time, and we only received one render of this smartwatch. Well, this time around we do have some spec info to share with you, along with a number of real life images of this smartwatch, read on.

The ELE Watch will sport a 1.5-inch 320 x 320 display, along with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. This smartwatch will also be IP67 certified, which means it will be water and dust resistant. That’s more or less as far as specs go, we still don’t know which SoC will fuel this smartwatch, but as soon as we find out, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, take a look at the gallery down below in order to check out this smartwatch up close and personal. There are six images available in the gallery, and by the looks of it, this smartwatch is a really well-designed piece of hardware, which is something we’re used to seeing from Elephone.

There you have it, more ELE Watch details. We still don’t know when will Elephone officially announce this thing, nor when will it be available for purchase, but stay tuned for additional details, we’ll report back as soon as we manage to acquire more info.