AT&T To Enter The Internet Of Things With New Sensors


AT&T has been under some great pressure from other carriers trying to earn a position as the nation’s largest and most popular carrier; which is why AT&T has further improved and put to use its growth plans. One of the main areas that AT&T has been trying to get into is the Internet of Things, a large sector of technology that offers great potential to companies looking to expand and collaborate closely with other parts of the industry, such as home appliances. The Internet of Things is a quickly expanding area that explores the possibility of connecting everyday objects to the internet, giving useful data to the user. But AT&T is planning to enter this relatively new market in its own way, by creating their own type of sensors and easily connect all of your infrastructure to a cloud provider. This technology’s main goal is to connect the numerous users of AT&T with startups, showing a great interest in the expanding Internet of Things market and help the overall sector to further grow.

This important movement by AT&T is taking place in Plano, Texas; where inside a corporate office the company is manufacturing by 3-D printing a huge array of at least 80 million of its own solar powered radios to create industrial sensor networks. AT&T is also relying in a great team of engineers that will work together with the company’s different partners to ensure the quality of every installation and every manufacturing piece. AT&T already showed a working prototype of its entry to the Internet of Things, which was a sensor connected with Microsoft’s Azure cloud; this type of sensors will allow AT&T users to seamlessly access a network of computers from anywhere, the company will at some point implement these sensors to different objects, uploading the data to the cloud and giving the user information about all of his or her connected appliances.

AT&T following the rising part of technology that is the Internet of Things, shows that the industry has really become important for most major companies, as it gives them great opportunity to easily expand and gain a dominant position in said area. Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s CEO of mobile and business solution expressed how the Internet of Things will become an essential part of everyone’s lives as with every passing day, the world’s hunger for information is becoming stronger. “Executives all over the world want real-time information about what’s happening in their businesses”, de la Vega stated.