Apple Releases 'Move To iOS' App For Android Users

AH Move to iOS 2

Android users at this point may be used to seeing apps from Microsoft on the Play Store, but Apple? It’s no surprise that Apple plans to launch an Android version of Apple Music at some point, although there is still no details on an exact launch date for the release of the app, but it may come as unexpected to some or many that Apple has had another app waiting in the wings to release to the Play Store. It doesn’t have much functionality, and it’s called ‘Move to iOS.’ If there wasn’t any indication by the name, the app’s sole purpose is to help Android users move their data and information over to an iOS device should they be switching platforms, or if they simply want to add an iOS device to their collection.

It might be a bit presumptuous to assume that Android users will want to switch to iOS in the first place, but when you actually think about it, not really. It’s undeniable that there will be some users who quite like the iOS platform and may consider the jump from Android, and there will be some who simply want an iOS device (like an iPad) alongside their Android smartphone. For users who fall into this category this is exactly who the app was designed for.

It’s meant to make the transfer of important information that users want to keep a simple process. Move to iOS helps users move contacts, of course, but it also helps to transfer over other content as well like photos, videos, messages, calendars, email accounts, and even the bookmarks on the web. That last bit won’t be a problem if you’re using Chrome as your main browser though, because you can simply download Chrome to the iOS device and log in with your Google account where all your bookmarks will be saved anyway. If you’ll primarily be using Safari though, this function could come in handy. As Apple surely wants to gain more users, they’ve made the app compatible with any and all Android devices which are running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later, which at this point is nearly all Android devices. If you have an iOS device which needs some data moved over to it, you can grab the app from the Play Store as of now.