App Titled 'Companion' Rapidly Gains Popularity Within Colleges

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Companion is a brand new application that tackles one of the world’s most important and severe issues, and that is security. Focusing mainly on college students, the application offers a completely free service to help you feel more secure when walking back home at night. The newly released app called “Companion” was developed by a small group of five students from the University of Michigan, which means that they’ve had some first hand experiences that led them to create the application. With the help of Companion, users will be able to easily request for a friend to accompany him or her virtually, keeping track of your whole journey from start to end via GPS on an online map. The main goal behind Companion is that if there’s any kind of problem during your commute, your friend will easily be able to act quickly depending on what the problem is.

Since its release last month, Companion has quickly grown and has seen around 5,000 to 10,000 installs on Android. This great number of downloads can be acquainted to the great functionality,which has proven to be really helpful to everyone that has at some point faced uncertainty when walking back home at night. Most of the app’s marketing has been made by users themselves; quickly spreading across the nation’s universities, as there are a lot of students that have to walk back home at night after their classes end.

Companion’s recent growth could also be due to the overall simple experience it offers; in order to use the app, users only have to enter their destination and select any contact to be their companion, the selected contact doesn’t even needs to have the app installed on their device for you to be protected. Companion will check for any irregularities on your trip, including if you start running, take longer than usual to arrive to your destination, have your headphones yanked out from your smartphone, or even if your device falls; if any of these irregularities happen, Companion will ask you if there has been any issues, and if you don’t respond in 15 seconds your companion will be alerted.