Android Pay Lands On The Play Store

September 18, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Android Pay has been one of the biggest talking points of this year in the Android world and for good reason. The payment method is one which had been rumored for a long time and at first it was seen as a direct replacement for Google Wallet. While that has proved to be not entirely true, one thing that has become clear is that Android Pay is Google’s main focus going forward, when it comes to how you use your Android device to pay for goods ad services. As such, the build up to the release of Android Pay was one which was full of speculation right up to the moment of launch.

That launch moment did come just over a week ago and instantly everyone was interested in giving the app a try. Since then, it has become clear that some banks are not quite on board yet but the list is growing. Not to mention, the service has the ability to be able to automatically take account of your loyalty cards and so on. Well, immediately after the launch, the APK became available to download for those who wanted to sideload it. While for those who wanted to wait, the update did begin rolling out as an update to Wallet which effectively replaced the Google Wallet app with the new Android Pay app.

Following on from this, it now looks like the Android Pay app has finally made its way onto the Play Store. If you already have the APK sideloaded (or the update has arrived for your device) then this won’t be of much use to you. However, if you have yet to see either occur, then at least you can now download and install the app directly from the Play Store. Not to mention, now you will have the ability to check which of your devices actually does support the format. As an extension of that point, just because Android Pay has hit the Play Store, does not mean its compatibility (or use outside of the U.S.) has increased. But if you have been waiting for a more formal way to download the app, then now you can. Hit the link below to find out more or to download the Android Pay app from the Play Store