Android How To: Take a Screenshot on the Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Screenshot AH 1

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ has been out for a little while now, and users are starting to get pretty familiar with the device. Well we are here to give you some tips and tricks. Even if this one might be the most basic one we write, it’s still going to help some people, and that’s what’s important. One of the biggest questions, or most popular questions we receive on any device, is how to take a screenshot. So we are here today to show you exactly how to do that.

Samsung continues to be the only Android manufacturer that uses a different button combination to perform a screenshot. While everyone else is doing Power + Volume Down, Samsung continues to keep theirs as Power + Home button. And that’s just one way to take a screenshot. So press the Power button along with the home button for about 2 seconds. You’ll then see a nice animation on the screen and a new notification appear. Pull down your notification drawer, and right there you will see your screenshot as well as a few options on that notification. Which include Sharing it, Editing it and deleting it. All from the notification shade.

However, there is a second way to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S6 Edge+. This is something that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S3 over 3 years ago. You can swipe your palm from left to right across the screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and take a screenshot. Now this doesn’t always work on the first try – at least from my experience – and sometimes registers as a swipe. So for instance if you’re on the home screen, it will sometimes swipe over to the Flipboard Briefing page. So I’d recommend the Power + Home button combination, as it is a bit easier to do, and never fails.

As always, we’ve put together a short video demonstrating how to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S6 Edge+, which you will find down below. Hopefully this will help out everyone that needs help in taking a screenshot on their brand new shiny Galaxy S6 Edge+!