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As you all know, there are many active smartphone manufacturers in the world, some of them are well-known to pretty much everyone. Samsung and Apple have been leading the pack as far as mobile phone marketshare goes for quite some time now, and it seems nothing has changed as far as that goes this year either. Counterpoint Research is a market research company which released quite an interesting infographic recently, showing us global smartphone marketshare for the top 7 smartphone OEMs, along with giving us some insight on regional percentages as well.

That being said, let's take a look at the market, shall we. As far as global percentage goes, Samsung is in the lead, the South Korean tech giant holds 21% of the market. Apple is second-placed with 14% marketshare, and Huawei is third with 9%. Xiaomi and ZTE share the fourth place with 4%, and below them are LG and TCL (Alcatel) with 4 and 3%, respectively. Another interesting fact Counterpoint revealed, is the fact that every 3 out of 4 mobile phones shipped is a smartphone. In other words, 1/4 of mobile phones out there are still feature phones, which is interesting.

Counterpoint's research gave out some really interesting facts. It is worth nothing that the global mobile phone industry shipments grew 5% YoY, and that the Middle East Africa is the fastest growing region, it grew 7 times faster than global. Another interesting fact that we've already mentioned in a recent article is the fact that every fifth mobile phone shipped on the planet is a Samsung-branded device. You might also notice that Huawei did a great job in the last year, the company managed to hit 2nd or 3rd place in most regions, and Asus also did great it seems. Asus total shipments grew 5X compared to last year, which is impressive.

Now if we take a look at some other regions, Samsung is basically the number one smartphone OEM on every continent except North America. Apple is holding 34% marketshare in North America, while Samsung is second-placed with 26%. LG, ZTE and TCL (Alcatel) are placed below the two tech giants. Samsung is the number one smartphone OEM in Asia (14%), Europe (32%), Latin America (27%) and MEA (34%). Apple and Huawei are doing really well in all these regions actually, Apple is second-placed in Asia (11%) and Europe (16%), and Huawei in MEA (34%).

So, to sum up. Samsung and Apple remain the two biggest players out there, as expected. Huawei and Asus did a great job in the last year or so, and are on the right path at the moment. It will surely be interesting to see what happens in the coming quarters, but it's safe to assume that Samsung and Apple will stay put, but we could see significant changes elsewhere though. The smartphone market is a very active market, and it's prone to significant and quick changes, which is what makes it so interesting I guess. Make sure to share your opinion, as always, what do you think will change in the coming months? Which company will grow, and which will lose marketshare?

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