Android Headliner: Is The Huawei Watch The Best-Looking Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are still considered niche products, despite the fact we've seen quite a few of them released in the last two years. People are still very much surprised when they see a smartwatch out in the streets, though that will probably change in the future. A lot of OEMs have unveiled their smartwatch offerings this year, including Asus, Motorola, Huawei, Samsung, Pebble... and a number of other manufacturers, including many of them from China. That being said, we've encountered a number of smartwatch OS' being implemented into smartwatches these days, ranging from Android, Android Wear and Pebble OS, all the way to Apple's offerings on the Apple Watch and a number of third party OS' used by various Chinese OEMs.

Well, we're going to focus only one operating system in this article, Google's Android Wear. Huawei has announced the Huawei Watch back in January, Motorola has unveiled their Moto 360 (2nd-gen) offerings at iFA earlier this month, and Asus has also released their 2nd-gen smartwatch earlier this year, the ZenWatch 2. These are just some of the Android Wear smartwatches launched lately, and judging by the available info, we'll see many more launched in the next year or so. It seems like a number of Chinese OEMs are getting ready to enter the Android Wear world, and Elephone is a really good example. This China-based company is planning to release their AW-powered ELE Watch soon, while we've also seen some additional rumors regarding other manufacturers.

Back when it launched (2014), the original Moto 360 smartwatch was considered to be the most beautiful smartwatch out on the market. Truth be told, there weren't all that many smartwatches available back then, only a couple of them. The 2nd-gen Moto 360 is now here, and even though it's a beautiful smartwatch, the 1st-gen model is still up there as far as design goes. Now, there are plenty of other OEMs who stepped up their game in the design despartment, including LG, Samsung and Huawei. Even though Huawei unveiled the Huawei Watch back in March, they released it earlier this month at IFA, and that smartwatch is also considered to be one of the most beautiful offerings out there at the moment.

We've come a long way as far as the design is concerned, and these smartwatches definitely prove that. So, is the Huawei Watch the new king of the design department? Well, that question doesn't really have one answer does it now, different people have different preferences. I, for example, still think the original Moto 360 is the best looking smartwatch out there, despite the fact it's quite thick compared to other watches out there. I just love the way the band / strap goes under the watch, instead of attaching to the side of it, like it does on many other smartwatches. Truth be told, I haven't really seen the new Moto 360 or the Huawei Watch in person, so I'll save my final judgment until I do.

I'm sure that each and every one of you have opinion when it comes to this, so please do share what you think. What do you think is the best-designed smartwatch out there at the moment? Do you own a smartwatch at the moment, if yes, which one? I'm currently rockin' the original LG G Watch, and as far as performance goes, it's still amazing, which was to be expected considering its internals. I have to say though, I'm a bit fed up with its design and have scratched it real bad all over, so I'm thinking of getting a new smartwatch, I might even purchase the original Moto 360 considering it's really affordable at the moment.

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