YouTube's Web Player Sees First Visual Upgrade in Years

YouTube has become a massive part of our daily lives and while a lot of us now have Chromecasts, game consoles or even Smart TVs that have a YouTube app, the website is still a big thing for a lot of users. For those who still use a laptop at home, or for those lunchtime videos, YouTube has been entertaining us behind a desk or with our feet up on the couch for years now. A couple of years ago, the YouTube website underwent a few changes here and there, that many people weren't happy with, but ultimately they made the website feel at least a lot more modern. Now, Google have taken things one step further and have updated the web player.

The new web player design takes on a transparent approach, not unlike that used in the Android app, and controls feel much more fluid now. They pop up and disappear again a lot smoother, and they certainly don't feel as dated as they once did. Of course, this is the same content, and it might be a placebo but we've noticed that videos available as 50 fps or 60 fps now appear to run much smoother than they did with the previous player. Either way, it's a decent upgrade and makes the YouTube website feel a little more modern than it used to. Other than that however, it's just a cosmetic upgrade. All of the controls do the same sort of thing as they used to do and there's no new special sauce here, either.

The change to a transparent look and feel also translates into embedded videos as well, and the change should be site wide for everyone at this point, as YouTube have officially announced the change themselves on Twitter. YouTube has become a massive part of Google's online offerings, with it driving a whole heap of ad revenue and catching the attention of 'millennials' the world over. It's how people discover new music, find their favorite content creators and interact with others online. With the likes of Periscope and Snapchat stories, YouTube has some competition to compete with, but it'll take something special to take them down entirely.

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