YouTube Subscription Services Reportedly Close To Launching

AH Google IO 1427 Youtube logo and isgn

A new report emerging today states the video service which everybody knows and loves, YouTube, will soon be going through some substantial changes. These substantial changes are reportedly going to consist of two new subscription services that the company could introduce before the end of this year. If this were to come to fruition then it would dramatically change the way that YouTube has generated money since its creation.

YouTube is currently the most popular video sharing website on the entire internet with just over 1 billion users. Those 1 billion users upload over 300 hours of video content to YouTube every single minute of every single day, an astonishing number. Those YouTube accounts who don’t actually upload videos, but instead watch them are watching hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos every day. Google quickly found that the easiest way to monetize this type of content with this many eyeballs was by playing ads before videos actually played, which worked well. But now it looks as though Google may be preparing to take things to the next level.

YouTube may soon launch two new subscription services, one of them some of you may already use. The first of these two subscription services is Music Key. Music Key is currently available to users as a beta and essentially allows users to watch music videos on YouTube completely ad-free. Not only does Music Key eliminate ads for music videos, but it also gives users the option to download music videos for offline playback.

The second of YouTube’s upcoming subscription services is a little more on the vague side and virtually nothing is actually known about it. The latest information suggests that this subscription service will be a sort of paywall for premium content from YouTube’s top creators. This premium service will also offer ad-free videos as well as the option to download them for offline playback, just like Music Key. This particular subscription service had been rumored to be coming since almost the start of the year. However, it now seem that YouTube might be ready to launch both soon. Of course, at the moment, which top YouTube creators will take part is still completely unknown.