XYZ CEO Says "No Sale" Following Alphabet Announcement

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Google announced just a week ago that the company as a whole would undergo a complete restructure, making Google a subsidiary of a brand new company called Alphabet, which was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin with the main purpose to serve as an umbrella company for Google and its numerous former branches such as Nest, Calico, and X Labs, among others. Along with the surprising announcement last week, Google launched a new website for the company, “abc.xyz”.

After the announcement XYZ.com LLC’s founder and CEO Negari, stated how he was extremely surprised and excited about Google Inc’s announcement that the website for Alphabet would be hosted with the .xyz  extension, creating a new major opportunity for XYZ.com to further grow and expand. Negari was literally shaking after Google’s big reveal, “I read the message again because it was so surreal” Negari noted, and made public how he told his own team that Google launching Alphabet was the biggest thing that could have ever happened to them, as it meant that along with Google hosting the new company’s website with them (which is great news by itself), a wave of huge interest for the .xyz domain was quickly approaching. And it didn’t take too long for this interest to spike, as just a few days after Google’s reorganization, XYZ was the point of interest of many investors that wanted to buy some of the company’s actions; Negari also revealed that he even received several total buyout offers. Although the 29-year-old owner of XYZ reinforced that his company was not by any means for sale, as his work was nowhere near done with XYZ.

Negari originally purchased the .xyz domain from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) at $185,000, which already had proven to be a great investment prior to the Alphabet announcement. XYZ registered around 3,000 domains per day before the shocking Google split up, but as of today the company has registered over 30,000 .xyz domains in one week following Alphabet’s announcement. XYZ will surely continue to rejoice in the great interest that Alphabet sparked in .xyz domains, as this has been just the first wave of new websites which seek to be hosted by the growing company.