Xiaomi Rumored To Release Two Versions Of Their Mobile SoC

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Xiaomi is currently China’s number one smartphone OEM. This company is currently selling their smartphones only in Asia and Brazil, but the company is planning to reach other markets soon enough. Xiaomi is manufacturing all sorts of tech gadgets, ranging from smartphones and phablets, to tablets, smart TVs, various smart gadgets and even a mobile OS. That being said, we’ve been hearing some rumors that Xiaomi might be working on their very own mobile processor which will get released in 2016. This rumor popped up earlier this month, and we have some new info regarding all that now, read on.

A new report surfaced in China saying that Xiaomi is indeed developing its own SoC, and according to the available info, the SoC will be available in two variants. One variant will be aimed at low-end phones, and the second version will be a higher-end chip which will be included in some of the company’s mid-range handsets quite probably. It is possible that Xiaomi plans to include this chip in their high-end phones as well, but that’s highly unlikely. Even if they are working on a Xiaomi-branded SoC, they quite probably still have a long way to go in order to catch up to SoC manufacturing companies like Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel, Huawei, etc. So, why is Xiaomi doing this? Well, this is quite probably the best way to keep the cost down and make your handsets even more affordable than they were thus far. Xiaomi will be manufacturing their own chip instead of paying a third-party OEM to supply them with those units.

This report did not mention when will Xiaomi release their first mobile SoC(s), but according to previous info, you can expect it to hit the market next year. The previous report wasn’t exactly clear on when exactly can we expect it, but at least we know it’s in 2016. If this rumor(s) turns out to be true, Xiaomi will definitely have an upper hand over its competitors because it will be able to lower the prices even further. Either way, we’ll report back as soon as something new pops up, stay tuned.