What Kind Of Punishment Can Smartphone Screen Protectors Take?

August 26, 2015 - Written By John Anon

One thing that is becoming increasingly clear of late, is that smartphones are becoming increasingly more expensive. Of course, you are getting more bang for your buck and smartphones are coming equipped with greater levels of RAM, more powerful processors, greater storage and and even better camera. So it is not like consumers are simply being charged more for the device. That said, it still does not take away from the fact that smartphones are becoming much more expensive. In fact, it is probably more accurate to start thinking of them as an investment and like any good investment, you want to sure your smartphone is protected. One way is to invest in buying a screen protector like the Bodyguardz premium glass screen protector. Although, after spending so much on a smartphone, you might not want to invest anymore, it is worth being reminded that a smaller additional investment is much better than losing the bigger investment altogether. But how strong are Screen protectors? I hear you ask.

Well, they are probably a lot stronger than you would imagine. Those who have not tried a screen protector are probably unaware that screen protectors offer much more than just protection from scratches that your keys might make while in your pocket. In fact, as the tech has evolved, screen protectors have evolved to become extremely resistant, while also maintaining a very lightweight disposition. The Bodyguardz screen protector is a prime example and one which is resistant to your keys, to falling from a height and even to being hit with a hammer. Of course, how often your newly purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or LG G4 will be hit with a hammer is debatable, dropping your smartphone is far more common than you would think, or like to admit.

So you see, screen protects are more than just a basic measure to ensure your display remains clean. Their premium tempered glass acts as a deterrent for any of the more mundane accidents, drops and spills your smartphone might encounter. They are designed to make sure that even the most maximum impact and harsh punishment that you can put them through, does not damage or crack your screen. That said, a screen protector does only protect your screen and cannot protect the rest of your smartphone when dropped or a banged, but ensuring your screen is protected, is at least a solution to one part of the problem. Couple a good screen protecter with a sturdy case and you really will ensure that your investment retains its value.