Weather Network App Now Available For Android TV

August 17, 2015 - Written By John Anon

The early adopters of Android TV will be more than aware that one of the biggest problems facing the platform was the lack of compatible apps. While this is an Android platform, most apps have not been optimized to work with the Android TV platform and as a result, the offerings available were limited. That did change however, back at the start of June when the Android TV version of the Play Store saw a massive update which literally flipped the switch on a large number of apps that were previously not able to be installed directly from the Android TV App. Not to mention, that since then more apps have been becoming available for Android TV too.

In fact, the latest app compatible with Android TV has gone live today and is the official app for the Weather Network. As the name suggests, this is primarily a Weather based app but makes a handy addition to the Android TV platform. As well as displaying the weather for your current location, while also providing you with weather warnings and alerts when they arise. The app is also able to offer a number of additional features like local traffic and congestion reports. Making use of PointCast technology, traffic information is available for 0.6 miles away from the zip code being checked. Not to mention, radar information is also available through the app. While if you are someone who would like to keep your eye on the weather in different parts of the country, then you can as the app allows the user to preset multiple locations as Saved Locations and monitor the weather accordingly.

In terms of the actual weather functionality, the app offers forecasts cycling hourly, 36 hours ahead of time and full 14 day forecasts. Not to mention, as this is on Android TV, the app has been optimized to make sue of voice commands and users can voice search within the app. The app is available now from the Play Store and is free to download. If you are interested in finding out more or downloaded then app then you can head over to the Play Store listing by clicking here.