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The Galaxy Note lineup started as an experiment from Samsung and it ended up being the second flagship lineup that got released on the second half of the year. Samsung is very proud of the series, as it was proof that users wanted larger screens to read documents or web pages more comfortably or to view multimedia content. The S-Pen has always been an integral part of the series because it brought additional functionality to these devices and it only got better over time. The Galaxy Note 5 has been criticized as it misses some features that appealed to power users in favor of a hardware design that looks very nice.

Now, a video on YouTube shows what happens when every member of the Galaxy Note series gets dropped on a concrete floor. The internals of the phones have obviously been upgraded from each generation to the newer one, but it would be interesting to see if Samsung has managed to improve the build quality on their devices, as the first three generations were made out of plastic, the Note 4 included a metal frame and the Note 5 is based on a glass and metal build. Each device is dropped from about 5 ft. in two positions, on the side and with the screen facing down.

The first Galaxy Note is an AT&T variant and when dropped on the side, the display showed some pinkish tones, and the hardware had a visible dent on the corner, but it still worked. On the second part of the test, the glass got cracked and some parts fell off, the screen doesn't look good, it adopted a green hue and it didn't work. The Note 2 bounced quite a bit and restarted itself on the first part, the screen got cracked and the hardware got damaged where it hit the floor, but the device is still functional. On the second part, the back came off completely and not only did the glass got shattered but the display underneath did too, needless to say that the device won't work anymore. The hardware on the Note 3 held up really well both tests, it got damaged, but it was still functional. The Note 4 shares a similar story, as the hardware got scraped and the glass shattered, but it still worked.

The Galaxy Note 5 got its back completely shattered on the side drop test and the second test made the display unresponsive and a portion of it was colored white with some thin colored lines. It was even more surprising that the Gorilla Glass 4 covering the display only got minor cracks. In conclusion, it seems that Samsung sacrificed some more things in favor of the new design. Check out the video below.

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