Video: Unboxing the Bluedio Hurricane BS-3 Bluetooth Speaker

August 27, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

While there are many Bluetooth speakers on the market, many seem to try to reach a specific segment of the market with some unique attribute.  Some speakers go for the rough and tough crowd and can be mounted on bikes or submersed in water, while others just opt for being a cheap way to listen to music.  Bluedio holds fast to bringing the best sound quality possible for the buck, and as such have opted for quality components and a great feature list to differentiate themselves in the wide market of Bluetooth speakers.  The Bluedio Hurricane BS-3 Bluetooth speaker is the latest in the Hurricane line of Bluetooth speakers and features some pretty awesome new things.

We take a look inside the packaging for you today and find out what Bluedio has packed in the box, as well as get a brief overview of what the speaker looks like and how it operates.  Bluedio has packed this speaker with 3-magnet drivers that are designed to improve sound sensitivity and fidelity, as well as full-range sound.  [email protected] high resolution sound is supported via a Bluetooth 4.0 signal or the 3.5mm headset jack on devices that are able to output this higher quality sound.  The same 3D sound support found on the Bluedio UFO Faith Bluetooth headphones is also present here and promises to deliver sound that’s richer and more full than other Bluetooth speakers out there.  Check out the unboxing video below and stay tuned for the full review shortly!