Video: Two BlackBerry Passport Devices Running Android

BlackBerry Passport Android video leak 1

BlackBerry’s devices were once amongst the most prestigious mobile devices out there. Their ‘Curve’ and ‘Bold’ series, amongst others, have been selling really well, but BlackBerry waited too long to adapt to the needs of consumers and the ever-growing smartphone world. They were late to the party when they introduced the BB10 OS, and in accordance to that, their sales didn’t exactly rise to the level BlackBerry has hoped for. A number of rumors claimed that third-party company was going to purchase this Canada-based smartphone OEM, and Microsoft, Xiaomi, and a number of other companies were mentioned as being interested.

That being said, BlackBerry’s CEO has disputed such rumors, and said that BlackBerry will remain its own boss. Rumors of BlackBerry Venice started arriving soon after, and according to them, this device is powered by Android. We’ve even seen some images showcasing the device running Android, and it seems quite probable that this device is the real deal. That being said, BlackBerry Venice is not the only Android-powered BlackBerry we’ve seen rumored recently. The BlackBerry Passport Sliver Edition was spotted running Android 5.1 Lollipop, and according to rumors, the company will release this device in Q2 2016.

Now we have some additional info to share with you regarding all this, as a new video has surfaced. If you check out the embedded video down below, you’ll get to see both the original BlackBerry Passport and the Silver Edition variant running Android. The number of rumors and leaks we’ve seen recently suggest that the Android-powered BlackBerry device(s) are on their way. This might be BlackBerry’s ticket back to the top, but the company still has a long way to go. Either way, it’s too early to speak of such things, we’ll have to wait and see what will the company offer in the end, and if any of these devices are real. One thing is certain though, a number of Android aficionados would love to see BlackBerry release an Android-powered smartphone, this Canadian company still has one of the best (according to many people the best one) physical keyboards around, and it would certainly be interesting to see this thing powered by Android.