Video: OnePlus One vs OnePlus 2 4K Shootout

oneplus one vs oneplus 2 camera

While it took well over a decade for HDTVs to really catch on to the mainstream and provide affordable models that most people could actually afford, smartphones only took a few years to go from what’s effectively SD resolution to Quad-HD in flagship devices.  While it’s questionable to go beyond such a high resolution for a screen under 6-inches, screens that are larger than 60 inches benefit from the obvious resolution increase from 1080p to 4K.  As such 4K TVs are starting to catch on in the mainstream as sets become cheaper, and funny enough the flagship phones that fit in our pockets have been able to record 4K video for a few years now too.

This video is super future proof and will only look better as 1080p TV owners upgrade to 4K, watching their same home videos in crisper high resolution.  OnePlus recognizes this fact and has kept the 4K video recording from the OnePlus One, moving over to the brand new and exclusive OmniVision 13-megapixel large pixel sensor that’s on the OnePlus 2.  Does that all mean that the actual video output is better than last year’s model, or will Sony’s sensors show why they are in more smartphones than any other manufacturer’s?

In addition to this new sensor OnePlus has not only improved the lens on the OnePlus 2 over the original phone but has also put in laser auto focus, which is supposed to enable lightning fast and accurate focus.  We’ve put together an extensive video shootout with three different types of scenes to compare both phones and would love for you to check it out below!