Video: OnePlus 2 In-Depth Look and Hardware Review

AH OnePlus 2 121

At the OnePlus 2 event in San Francisco we got to spend quite a while with the brand new “2016 Flagship Killer” as well as chat with employees and even co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei.  During this time with the phone we found out a lot of new information about the phone, including things like what specific sensors OnePlus is using for the camera and audio, among plenty of other things.  While OxygenOS 2.0 is still in a bit of a beta state, with a handful of obvious bugs here and there and even some software that wasn’t quite finished yet at the event, the hardware is in its full production state, ready to ship to buyers as soon as OnePlus has enough stock available.

It’s this hardware we’d like to focus on today, and we’re going to give you a full in-depth look at the hardware and a review on it as well.  In just over a week and a half buyers will be able to use invite codes sent to them to purchase a OnePlus 2, a system that has become very familiar to phone enthusiasts around the world.  OnePlus is promising that the OnePlus 2 won’t be nearly as elusive as the original phone was, with more stock, invites that are easier to get and the promise of higher quality hardware too.  What did we think of the hardware itself?  Check out our latest video below and find out!