Video: Bluedio UFO Faith Unboxing and Mini Review

August 24, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Finding a pair of headphones lying around is easy; many phones ship with simple headphones, and even then you’ve probably collected a few over the years from other devices too.  A good pair of headphones is much harder to find, and there can be so many of them out there you might wonder exactly which ones you want to pick.  Bluedio is a company that specializes in Bluetooth audio products, including speakers and headphones, and the latest in wireless Bluetooth headphones from the company is the curiously named UFO Faith set.  We got a pair of these from Bluedio and want to show you what’s inside that nice big $150 package.

Besides just unboxing the product we wanted to give it a brief rundown and give you our initial impressions and the basics on how the headphones work.  These headphones can connect to two devices simultaneously, as well as via a standard 3.5mm headset jack in case you don’t want to connect via a wireless connection.  Wireless headphones have traditionally been hit or miss because of the quality of audio that a Bluetooth connection can output, but with the advent of Bluetooth 4.1 there’s been some significant strides to keep audio quality and signal strength high, all while keeping battery usage low.  Check out the video below and of course head on over to Amazon to see the full product listing.

Bluedio UFO 8 Tracks 3D Sound Effect Wireless Bluetooth Headset Bluetooth $199