Twitter Increases Character Limit For Direct Messages

Twitter finally makes a change that users have been requesting for quite some time. Today, Twitter has removed the character limitations that were previously placed for direct messaging. Before, users on Twitter were subjected to only sending out a message that contained 140 characters which often meant sending multiple messages to get your full message out. Now you can write almost as much as you want, as there is still a limit, but this time users will have the ability to send 10,000 characters per message. However, normal tweets being sent out still will have to follow the 140 character limit.

This change has been in the works for awhile now and Twitter was supposedly set to make the change back in July of this year but it was evidently delayed. As mentioned, this is a change that users have often brought up before, as sending out a private message that only contains 140 characters can became a pain. Instead, users were inconvenienced by sending out multiple messages or were forced to move the conversation to a different medium, such as another social media website. For now the new direct messaging standard for Twitter has rolled out to most users but will continue to roll out worldwide over the next few weeks. Additionally, this feature will be available through several sources and not just limited to Instead, you'll find that the 10,000 character limit for direct messages will be available for the various Google Android and Apple iOS applications along with the different Twitter clients for Windows and Mac.

Twitter did make mention through their official blog that if you want to see the direct messaging character limit increase from the previous 140 character standard limit to the now 10,000 character standard limit, then you'll want to update your application to run on the latest version. That's only if you're using a Twitter application or client and not on the official Twitter social media website. It will be interesting to see if Twitter does eventually increase the limit to a single tweet, but as of right now there's no word or mention that the public tweet character limit is likely to increase.

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