TrulySecure's Authentication System Approved By FIDO

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FIDO stands for Fast ID Online, and its main goal is to provide software and hardware developers of all kinds around the world with an open standard for a secure enough universal authentication interface that is easily implemented in any device. Over the past few years, there has been a movement from an association formed by several different companies with strong roles in security and biometrics, with the hopes that the adoption rate of biometric scanners expands enough to be used as a simple, secure, and advanced method of authentication for mobile transactions. FIDO is working together with numerous companies to accomplish this rather major task, and today, the FIDO alliance in conjunction with Sensory Inc, announced the first FIDO UAF Certified multi-modal (combined voice and face) biometrics technology, which in its core is designed to offer more secure transactions when compared to other methods of biometric authentication, such as fingerprint scanners or single-mode face or voice security services.

Sensory’s TrulySecure technology, will be fully compatible with the already existing FIDO Universal Authentication Framework 1.0 and will offer the complete standard set of security measures that FIDO requires for their approval, which means that the new TrulySecure technology will be at least as secure as the other FIDO approved security systems. Brett McDowell, FIDO Alliance executive director stated that FID recognizes Sensory for designing TrulySecure to be “fully compliant with the FIDO Universal Authentication Framework specifications and are excited to add their innovative multimodal biometric authentication solution to the FIDO Alliance’s prestigious roster of FIDO UAF Certified authenticators”.

TrulySecure makes great use of Sensory’s advances in speech processing, as well as computer vision and machine learning to give users a simple authentication process in which they can completely rely. With the new TrulySecure technology, it will no longer be a hassle to unlock your smartphone or complete a transaction, eliminating the need for complicated passwords without sacrificing any protection or creating vulnerabilities. Ramesh Kesanupalli, founder of Nok Nok Labs mentioned how “Sensory’s TrulySecure is a great example of what can be delivered with multimodal biometrics and we are happy to support the solution within our own FIDO Certified S3 Authentication Suite”. There is no doubt that in the near future, more security-oriented technologies will emerge following Sensory’s footsteps. With more information being sent every day and stored in mobile devices, the need for more protection has increased, leading to more companies exploring new security systems with innovative technologies.