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Trinity Audio is a name you probably haven't heard of before, with good reason. They're a new brand from the UK that aims to offer up high-end audio without the associated price tag. With little spent on marketing and branding, more of the price tag actually goes toward purchasing a quality set of in-ear headphones. We recently reviewed their flagship Delta line of in-ears, and for the price – including free international shipping – we were more than impressed with the overall design and sound quality. Trinity Audio was born on Kickstarter, and now they've returned with a campaign to offer users sports in-ear headphones that aren't just a pair you can use while on the run or at the gym.


The new Helio and Atlas models are based off of their previous Delta and Hyperion designs, featuring the same filter system but adding another two to make a total of five interchangeable filters that change the sound signature to your personal liking. The difference with these two models however, is that they feature detachable cables, using an MMC-X connector. This is what makes them versatile, with a short water-resistant cable for those who use their smartphone or DAP in an armband, a longer water-resistant cable for those who use a device in their pockets or attached to a bike or something similar. Finally, a regular, braided cable as featured on previous Trinity Audio models will be included for simple, everyday use. These cables and filters make these a sports earphone with a difference, allowing for more flexibility as well versatility.

Both the Helio and Atlas models are nano-coated to be splash proof and sweat resistant without running the overall sound reproduction of them. This means that these are not only approved for sports use, but they'll also be just as good for everyday use, making these earphones you can buy once and use for everything. There's 29 days left in Trinity Audio's latest Kickstarter campaign and they've reached around one-sixth of their overall goal. With a number of different Pledges available, backers can secure a set of either the Helio or Atlas far below their RRP when they go on sale and start shipping to backers in December of this year. You can take a look at more information down below at the source link.

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