Top 13 Ways To Get More App Downloads

There are many difficulties when it comes to building your app, then marketing it and getting users to actually download and use your app. That includes how your Google Play listing looks, how you are marketing the app on social media, and even monetizing it. Here are about 13 ways to help get even more downloads for your new app.

Go Freemium

While we all want to make money, it's easier to get more people using your app if it is a free app. Then you can bring in some extra cash by doing in-app purchases for some premium features, or using some app monetization companies to help put some ads into your app and drive in some cash.

Put your app on Sale

Say you didn't listen to that first tip, or you decided to do a paid app. Well, put the app on sale. It's a quick and easy way to gain more attention and press, by having the app on sale. Usually the lowest you can sell an app for is $0.99 however, so that can be a bit limited.

Your Play Store Title

Your title needs to be both optimized for search engines, as well as descriptive enough to tell people exactly what they are looking at. An example of a good title is what Fenix uses for their Google Play listing "Fenix for Twitter".

Your App's Description

So you've optimized your title for the app listing, now what about the description. Most people will check out the description before downloading an app. So it's important that you make the description both informative as well as keeping it rather short. If you have a description that's 300+ words, it's likely most people won't read it all and move on to another app.

The screenshots on your App Listing

Many times we see apps that are using screenshots from the Honeycomb or earlier days. That's not a good idea if you are looking to get a decent amount of downloads. A good rule of thumb is to update the screenshots every time you push a new update. Especially important if the new update features a redesign of the UX. You're going to want to show off that redesign. It's also a good idea to get enhanced screenshots, a good example of this is Periscope. You'll see that their screenshots highlight special features of the app.


This applies to both the app description and title. Do your research on keywords. Make sure they are keywords that are relevant to your app and your target audience. For example, if you have a Facebook app here, you don't want to use keywords like "Angry Birds", as that would not be the right target audience.

Ask your readers for reviews

Very important aspect here. Many users that are looking at new apps, also read reviews before downloading an app. I'm sure you've done it as well. And if an app does not have any reviews, it likely won't get downloaded, unfortunately. It's also important to respond to negative reviews and attempt to resolve them. This shows new users that you are active and will work with users to solve their problems. That's a pretty big deal, actually.


This shouldn't be news to you, but a big chunk of the world does not speak or read English. So downloading and using an app in a language you don't speak, isn't going to happen often. That's where localization comes in. Where you can get your app translated into other languages so you can reach even more users. In fact, Google Play has a nice area in the developers dashboard that will help you get it localized with the help of a translation company.

YouTube Demo of your App

In Google Play, you can add a video to the screenshot section of the app listing. This is a good way to show first-hand what the app does and how it works. Some developers have stuck to just doing a screencast for their video. It's important to get a little creative and flashy here. A good example here is Falcon Pro 3. While there's no sound, it is showing you all sorts of features that are included in the app.

Promote on Twitter

A lot of people dismiss Twitter because of the 140-character limit, and the fact that no single person will see every tweet in their timeline throughout the day. However, Twitter is great for promoting your app. Using hashtags is a great way to promote it as well. Helping out your users who are having issues via Twitter is another great way to interact with your users (can also be called customers).

Use Periscope

Periscope is a new app for live streaming. It's a pretty cool app, and one cool way to promote your app here is to be able to get on Periscope and just interact with your users. Whether you're doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything), or asking them for feedback or what. It's the new "big thing", and there's lots of growth there.

Using Ads on Facebook and Twitter

By far, the two biggest social media platforms around are Facebook and Twitter. They also do advertising. It's a great way to get your app in front of more people by taking out a video ad on Facebook, and a cards ad on Twitter. The Cards ad for Twitter will direct them to your apps' site or Google Play listing so they can download your app.

Ask Sites for Reviews of your App

Sites like Android Headlines, do review apps and games. And it's actually a really good way to get your app out there and in front of more eyeballs. As these sites generally have pretty big traffic numbers, it allows you to get the word out and increase the number of users you have.

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