Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps and Faces Monthly - August 2015 Edition


Okay, so you've gone and bought yourself a fancy looking smartwatch for the summer, and now you want some apps to go with it. Well, first of all you should check out previous editions of our Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps feature, but second of all you should keep reading to see what's new this month. In terms of what's new this month, it seems the Android Wear submissions have tailed off a little, but we've done our best to put together a decent list that should have a good mix of watch faces and fun new apps.

Wear Calculator

Calculators have been attached to wrists since Casio got their way in the 80s, but now with touchscreens we can do it all over again. Most of the time however, we end up with a difficult to use and frustrating interface. Here however, things are different. You spin a wheel of sorts to find the number you wanted, and it seems to be very intuitive for those with a round watch. Either way, it's a cool way of figuring out how much money you don't have at the end of each month.


Material Analog Watch Face


So, I heard you like Material Design? What's that? You want a Material watch face that actually looks like a watch face? Well, despite the fact you're asking for a little too much there, someone has gone and done such a thing. This face from CritterMap Software keeps everything we love about the latest version of Android alive and well, but also delivers a classy, yet playful watch face for round or square Android Wear watches.


Audio Reminder Pro

Audio Reminder Pro is an app that is, to be honest a little 'out there'. However, it's out there in an excellent way only an Android app could be. This supports Android Wear, which is where you can record your own voice telling you to remember something. Then, Audio Reminder Pro will poke you later on to make sure you remember what it was you wanted to remember. The whole concept is a little whacky, as is the developer from the looks of things, but it's an independent app that has a cool concept for people to try out. Plus, hearing your own voice telling you to do something is pretty good fun as well.


World Time Analog Watch Face


This is an interesting watch face option as it doesn't do something all that new, but it's something some of us - myself included - could make use of. Your main dial is for your home time zone, and the other two you can set from within the app. This is a nice approach, as it adds a little style to your watch like only multiple dials can, and it's useful for when you're on holiday or on a business trip. For those of us who "telecommute" this can help remind you that some people are still in bed when you're having lunch.



Many of you will be familiar with the idea of the Couch to 5K program, a way of getting fit gradually from nothing to being able to do, well, a 5K run. Now, this nifty little app brings this program to your watch. It's fairly basic, but it certainly gets the job done and is worth a try, especially if you bought a smartwatch to try and get fit in a fun way.


A45 WatchFace


There are two versions of this excellent watch face, one for the Moto 360 and one for the G Watch R. It's turned my new G Watch R into some sort of high-tech G-Shock and I love it. It's packed full of information that looks like an actual watch, rather than some faux-analog affair. There are tons of settings and there's a lot of color here. Those that miss the blue light from a lit up watch will really take to this as well (that's mostly why I love it so much, remember the blue light?!). Moto 360 users can look here, and G Watch R owners here.

Remote Camera for Wear

Remote Camera for Wear is something that extends something already present in Android, if you use the Google Camera that is. This adds a few new features for taking a photo on your smartwatch, and it can show the preview on your watch as well. Of course, this isn't entirely practical, but it's good fun and is a great party piece when you think about it.


Antique Pocket Watch


Okay, so you have a round smartwatch and you want to feel all fancy like you're from the 1800s? With a smartwatch on your wrist that might not ever happen, but with the Antique Pocket Watch face you might come extremely close at least. This is a simple, yet fun and classy way of showing off your love for clockwork mechanics, it just might make you Doctor Who.


Lighthouse Scenery Watch Face


The summer is here, and for many of us that brings back memories of hitting the coast and perhaps spotting lighthouses. That might not be the case for everyone, but there's something quite majestic and novel about the good old lighthouse in today's age. With this, you can put one on your wrist and enjoy a playful scene no matter where you are. Plus, if you have little ones, we're sure they'll enjoy this as well.


Watch Face Neon

If, like me, you have a strange affection for the 80s, then you'll love this. A watch face that's all about bright colors and fun feelings, this channels the neon of old, and just looks cool. A great one for the summer, and it'll definitely stand out at night, this is not free, but worth it if you want a little color in your life.

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